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Manage Solstice

Solstice offers centralized management, monitoring, and analytics tools for your Solstice deployment in the Solstice Cloud portal. Explore this section to learn how to manage your deployment using Solstice Cloud and other available tools. Solstice deployments may also currently be managed over a local network, but Mersive strongly recommends using Solstice Cloud for management if at all possible.

Key Terms

  • Solstice display: The sharing space created by Solstice, shown on a flat panel monitor or projector connected via HDMI video cable to a Solstice Pod or Solstice Windows Display Software instance.

  • Solstice host: Core Solstice software, running on a Solstice Pod or Solstice Windows Display.

  • User device: Devices brought by users that can connect to a Solstice display with the Mersive Solstice app (Windows, macOS, iOS), the Solstice web app in a browser, or other app-free methods.

  • Posts: Individual pieces of information shared to a Solstice display, including desktop, application window, browser tab, or media files.

Ways to Configure Solstice Displays

Mersive strongly recommends using the Solstice Cloud management portal, which can be accessed from any platform and location with access to the internet and offers configuration templates to define and apply common configurations to current and future Solstice Pods. Pod configuration options are:

  • Configure centrally via Solstice Cloud: Solstice Cloud is a secure cloud-based management portal that enables the central manage a deployment of Solstice Pods from any location. With Solstice Cloud, administrators can easily deploy, configure, manage, monitor, and update Pods. Solstice Cloud also provides intuitive analytics for Solstice meetings. Learn More

  • Configure individually: Every Solstice display can be configured via the individual configuration panel accessed from the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the Solstice welcome screen. This can be accessed physically by connecting a USB mouse and keyboard to the Pod. Or it can be accessed remotely from the same network by entering the Pod’s IP address in a web browser. If the presence bar at the bottom of the Solstice screen is hidden, long-click with a mouse or press the Esc key to show the presence bar and Settings icon. Learn More

  • Configure over local network using Solstice Dashboard: For admins who need an on-premises solution, or who are unable to use cloud-based solutions like Solstice Cloud, Solstice Dashboard is a centralized management tool installed on a local machine or server that can be used to monitor, configure, and update groups of Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods on the local network. Solstice Dashboard should not be used to configure Solstice Pods already managed in Solstice Cloud. Learn More

Centrally Deploy and Manage the Mersive Solstice App

Other Admin Topics

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