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Manage Solstice with Solstice Cloud

Solstice Cloud is a secure and scalable portal that helps organizations to optimize their Solstice-enabled meeting and learning spaces for greater usability, productivity, and return on investment. This is done through its easy-to-use management, monitoring, and analytics capabilities. Solstice Cloud allows administrators to easily deploy, monitor, and update Solstice Pods from anywhere in the world using custom categories, configuration templates, and scheduled software updates. After deployed, usage data is securely collected from Solstice Pods and can be compared across room type or location to provide insight into room usage, participation, and meeting or class duration.


How To

New Solstice Cloud management organizations can now be created directly in Solstice Cloud with any valid email address that isn't already assigned to a Solstice Cloud account. Solstice Pods can then be onboarded directly into Solstice Cloud using the new Solstice Deploy tool.

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