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Manage Users and Roles in Solstice Cloud

Solstice Cloud provides the ability to invite users to your Solstice Cloud organization and manage their level of access. Administrators can configure authentication with Okta or Microsoft Azure AD as an SSO identity provider. The How To section below details how to configure users to authenticate with and without SSO. See Configure Single Sign-On for how to configure your Solstice Cloud organization to connect with an SSO identity provider.

Each user account is assigned a role that determines the level of access and permissions that user has. Users may only add or edit user accounts that are at or below the access level of their own accounts. The following roles and permissions are available to assign to users in your organization:

  • Admin: Can perform all tasks and manage all Pods within the associated Solstice Cloud organization. This level is best reserved for users that administrate an entire Solstice deployment.

  • Room Discovery Guest: Discovery-only account that can log in on the Solstice Web app ( for a list of Solstice Pods to share content to in the associated Solstice Cloud organization.

  • Viewer: Can monitor the Solstice deployment and view analytics but cannot add, delete, or make changes to Pods in the deployment. A viewer's access can be restricted to certain groups of Pods.

  • Active Learning Designer: Can use the Solstice Active Learning app to virtually design and set up video routing spaces. Designers can also facilitate routing sessions.

  • Active Learning Facilitator: Can use the Active Learning app to conduct video routing sessions.


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