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Pod Settings and Templates

Solstice Cloud administrators can manage Solstice Pods in their organization remotely from anywhere. Related configuration options are grouped together into sets that can be changed for individual Pods or saved into templates to be easily assigned to multiple Pods in a Solstice deployment. There are configuration sets for Ethernet and Wi-Fi network settings, security settings, appearance settings, and more. Solstice Cloud templates can be applied to Pods managed by Solstice version 4.5 or later.

While most settings can be configured by applying templates, there are certain settings or values that are unique to each Pod. Unique-to-Pod settings, such as static IP addresses or DNS hostnames, must be set for each Pod individually. When creating templates, settings that need to be configured individually are labeled as shown in the example below.


Check out the Create Categories topic to learn how to apply templates more efficiently across your deployment. This topic outlines how to create and use categories and categories best practices, allowing you to efficiently apply configuration templates to Solstice Pods based on location, room type, and your own custom categories.

Solstice Cloud Template Updates

There are multiple ways to change settings for an individual Solstice Pod managed in Solstice Cloud:

  1. Create a template for that settings category containing the desired settings and assign the template to the Pod. To do this, see the Create a New Template directions.

  2. Use the Pod Configuration page to view and modify unassigned settings categories for the Pod. To do this, see the Change Unassigned Settings for a Pod directions.

  3. Edit non-template configuration settings for the individual Pod. To do this, see the Configure Individual Pod Settings directions.


Solstice administrators should be aware that the Cloud settings for a Solstice Pod take precedence and overwrite any conflicting settings on the Pod itself.

In the case of a settings mismatch for a Pod between Solstice Cloud and the Pod's own settings, Cloud settings always "win." The only exception is when a settings change in a Cloud template causes Solstice Cloud to be unable to connect to the Pod. In this case, the settings in that template set are rolled back to the last working configuration for that Pod. Pod and template status indicators alert users when this case occurs.

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