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Discovery Template

Display discovery refers to the ability for a user to "discover" what Solstice displays are available to connect to. A user can always connect to a Pod by typing the Pod’s IP address into the Solstice App. However, Solstice discovery can streamline the connection process by listing all Pods available for connection and enabling users to simply click a Pod’s name to connect. This template allows you to configure the settings for two discovery methods that enable this click-to-connect functionality: broadcast discovery or Solstice Discovery Service (SDS).

The Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) is an IT-friendly, non-broadcast mechanism that allows users to discover and click-to-connect to Solstice displays from their own devices to start sharing content. SDS makes connecting to a Solstice display fast and easy for users, especially those on networks that don't allow broadcast traffic. For more information on how to implement and configure SDS, see Solstice Discovery Service (SDS).


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