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Deploy Solstice Locally with Solstice Dashboard

If network conditions or security concerns dictate that Solstice Pods in a deployment cannot be connected to the internet, Solstice displays (Pods and Solstice Windows Displays) may also be batch configured over a local network with Solstice Dashboard running on a Windows computer on the same network.

However, Solstice Dashboard is no longer being updated and will be deprecated at some point in the future. Mersive strongly recommends using Solstice Cloud to deploy and manage Solstice Pods since it can be used from anywhere and offers advanced configuration tools such as templates and categorization.

Initial Deployment Steps

Below are the recommended steps for getting a standard Solstice deployment up and running using Solstice Dashboard, our on-premises management tool. Solstice Dashboard runs on a Windows computer to manage Solstice devices on the same network. This method is recommended if you are unable to use Solstice Cloud.

Additional Information

Below are some additional topics that may help with your deployment.

Other Resources

If you are deploying Solstice Conferencing or Solstice Active Learning, view the resources below for additional configurations needed to get these solutions up and running.

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