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Video Conferencing Requirements

See requirements below for video conference hosts to connect their conference to the Solstice sharing space and room peripherals plugged in to the Solstice Pod. Meeting hosts should check that they have the latest version of the Mersive Solstice app for Windows or macOS, with Solstice Conference drivers installed to enable the Room Camera + Mic functionality. See Use Solstice with Your Video Conference for directions on installing the app and using it to connect Solstice to a video conference.


Enable Solstice Conferencing must be turned on in the Room Intelligence settings to use this functionality, and installing the Mersive Solstice app and Solstice Conference drivers may require elevated permissions. Contact your IT administrator for assistance.

Supported Operating Systems for Meeting Host Laptops

Solstice Conference drivers are supported on laptop devices that meet the following requirements.


The ability to connect Solstice to a video conference is not supported on mobile devices. However, in-room users can share content to the Solstice display using either laptops or mobile devices.

Supported Video Conferencing Services

CPU Priority Management for Solstice Video Conferencing

Starting in Solstice 5.5.2, the Mersive Solstice app on Windows can manage CPU priority of the app to improve the performance of Solstice video conferences on lower-end machines. Such machines may previously have experienced audio, video, and other issues, particularly when other applications were running.

When a laptop is detected to be lower-end for the purpose of Solstice video conferences, and the Performance Optimization setting is enabled:

  • The Mersive Solstice app for Windows changes the priority of the Mersive Solstice Conference process from Normal to High to improve performance.

  • If the laptop is unplugged and battery levels drop below 25%, the app changes the priority of the Mersive Solstice Conference process back to Normal to preserve battery power. If the computer is plugged in and has at least 5% battery, it switches back to High priority.

Definitions of lower-end Windows machines for the purposes of Solstice video conferencing will be updated over time.

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