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Video Conferencing with Solstice

Solstice offers the software-based capability to wirelessly connect the Solstice content sharing and collaboration space, as well as AV devices connected to the Solstice Pod, to a video conferencing service running on a meeting host's laptop. This adds Solstice's rich, multi-participant content sharing and room cameras and mics to a laptop-based video conferencing to deliver a better meeting experience between onsite and remote users. The Room Camera + Mic section of the Mersive Solstice app for Windows and macOS pairs Solstice with room AV devices to deliver the convenience of a traditional video room system with the flexibility to use the meeting host's preferred video conferencing service.

View the video below to learn how to bring your own Solstice-enabled meeting to your video conferencing service of choice.

User Guides

Print the 1-page guide below and leave it in Solstice rooms with video conferencing enabled for users to quickly see how to host a Solstice-enabled video conference.

Want a deeper dive? Mersive also provides a comprehensive user guide that covers how to use Solstice and wirelessly connect to room resources in a Solstice-enabled video conference.

Key Capabilities

  • Leverages video conferencing applications running on local users’ laptops.

  • Enables meeting hosts to wirelessly connect to plug-and-play USB devices attached to the Pod to share room audio/video in the video conference.

  • Uses integrated room and personal calendars to support quick starts for scheduled video conferences.

  • Allows the meeting host to share the full in-room display to the video conference so remote users can see everything happening on the display, including multi-source content sharing, markup, and more.

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