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Solstice Integrations

With its open design, Solstice can integrate with other technologies, including digital signage and video conference integration, to maximize meeting productivity and maximize the value of meeting real estate and infrastructure.

  • Digital Signage - Because Solstice is a room platform, it can stream digital signage feeds when it is not being used for wireless collaboration. Digital can signage enhance the value of meeting and learning spaces by showing company branding, important messages, special instructions, and other communications on the room display in between collaboration sessions.

  • Video Conference Integrations - In addition to its BYOM video conference capabilities, Solstice can be integrated with a variety of devices and video conferencing configurations, giving all meeting participants access to Solstice’s rich in-room content sharing, control, and markup capabilities with existing video conferencing infrastructure, including dedicated video room systems.

  • API Integrations - Integrators and installers can access Solstice room infrastructure through a simple REST-based API to create custom integrations between Solstice and other applications. A few possible uses include monitoring the status of Solstice Pod, capturing usage statistics, and changing Solstice settings.

Digital Signage Integration

Use the topic below to learn more about integrating your digital signage with Solstice to make any Solstice display into a digital sign when it is not in use for meeting collaboration.

Video Room Integration

Use the guide below to help integrate your dedicated video room system (Zoom, Teams, etc.) with Solstice's wireless content sharing and BYOM conferencing.

API Integration

Use this guide to learn about our OpenControl API, which enables the custom integration of third-party systems with Solstice through a simple REST-based API.