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Display Power Management Settings

Display power management allows you to schedule when a Pod is suspended, i.e. when the Pod signals to the display monitor to turn off after being idle for the specified amount of time. There are two independent modes that trigger the display power management functionality. As a note, a Pod can only use one of these power management modes at a time.

  • Scheduled off-hours for the Pod, including separate schedule for weekdays vs. weekends

  • Using the room's detected occupancy (requires USB camera plugged into Pod; Gen3 Pods only)

After triggered, display power management to turn the display on or off can be accomplished one of two ways:

  • Suspending the HDMI out signal being sent to the display, which allows the display monitors connected to the Pod to use their own sleep settings

  • Sending RS-232 commands to the display to turn it on or off


Mersive highly recommends only using this feature if the Pod is connected to a commercial grade monitor. TV monitors may not have the same sleep settings or RS-232 support can be required for this feature.

Additional Options

Wake Display: Manually wakes the suspended Pod to resume its functionality.

Suspend Display: Manually suspends the Pod. This option to manually suspend the Pod does not work if there is a currently scheduled meeting on the integrated calendar, if any user is connected to the display, or if there is a current emergency message being shown.

Schedule Display Suspend Settings: Enables display power management and allows you to set the schedule for when the setting are active. Different schedules can be set for weekdays (Monday - Friday) and weekends (Saturday - Sunday). For this setting to be enabled all day, select the All Day checkbox, or if to schedule it during specific hours, enter in a Start Time and End Time. As a note, the Start and End Time fields use a 24-hour clock.