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Manage Security Certificates

By default, Solstice Pods are configured with a self-signed certificate from Mersive. However, for enterprises where this is insufficient, Solstice provides enterprise certificate management tools that give Solstice admins a centralized place for managing certificates in the Solstice Dashboard (Security tab > Certificate Tools). These tools allow Solstice admins to manage client-server communication certificates and 802.1x certificates within Solstice. With the certificate tools, you can do the following:

  • Generate a certificate signing request (CSR). This option generates a secret key that stays on the Pod as well as a .csr file that can be signed by your certificate authority. After signing, the certificate can be uploaded to the Pod.

  • Generate a certificate signing request to create and add a unique 802.1x User Certificates to the Pod for 802.1x authenticated networks.

  • Upload both a signed certificate and private key to the Pod.


Be aware of the following limitations to the Certificate Tools:

  • If you are using Install certificate and private key, password-protected PEM files and private keys are not supported.

Pod Certificate Support

Here are the certificate formats supported by Solstice:


802.1x EAP-TLS for Ethernet and Wireless

Install certificate

  • PEM

  • PFX

  • PEM (is converted to PFX)

  • PFX

Install certificate

and private key

  • PEM (password-less PK)

  • PFX

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