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Solstice Analytics: Usage

The Usage History analytics page in Solstice Cloud provides both graphical representations of and granular source data for usage history metrics collected by the Solstice Pods in your organization about Solstice-enabled collaboration sessions.

The Usage page is divided into two parts:

  • Usage History Graph - The top of the page displays a graph that shows up to two types of usage data for Pods managed in your Solstice Cloud organization on a time line. You can select the type(s) of analytics data to show on the graph and what unit of time to show it in from options in the upper right and lower left of the graph. The time period selected from the options above graph also affects the Pods table below.

  • Pods Usage History Table - Below the graph, a table appears containing the usage history data details for your Pods managed in Solstice Cloud. By default, all Pods in the table are selected to show their data in the graph. The table can be filtered to show a subset of Pods using either the Search bar at the top of the table or the Filter button at the top of the page. Any filters you apply also affect the data that appears in the graph.

Collected Data

How To

See step-by-step instructions in the sections below to learn how to access the Usage History analytics for your Solstice deployment and use available controls and filters to view the data that is most meaningful to you.

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