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Solstice Analytics: Compare

The Compare analytics page in Solstice Cloud allows provides both graphical representations of and source data for usage data for specific options within a defined category. You can select to graph usage data for up to eight options within a category together and compare the same usage data for different defined options within a category.

This page is divided into two main parts:

  • Category Compare Graph - This is a graph at the top half of the page that displays data by category over a selected time period.

  • Displays Table - This table can list all the Pods that are being managed in your Solstice Cloud instance, or it can display a filtered subset of Pods. You can change options and apply filters that change the data that appears in the table as well as apply to the data displayed in the table.

Collected Data

Insights from Analytics

Here is an example of how to generate a graph that can provide insights into how your Pods are being used.

How To

Below are the instructions on how to use the controls and filters on the Compare page.

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