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Meeting Collaboration with Solstice

  • Install the Mersive Solstice app on a laptop to share multiple pieces of content, manage shared content layout, and connect cameras and mics plugged in to the Solstice Pod to video conferencing services.

  • Use the newly redesigned Solstice Web App to quickly share a browser tab, application window, or whole screen from most laptop web browsers without needing to install an app at all.

  • Use Mersive Solstice mobile app to mirror the screen of your iOS device, share media content, and mark up content on the Solstice display with Solstice Ink.

  • Or mirror your device screen using Miracast or AirPlay. Check the Solstice welcome screen to see if it these options are enabled for a Solstice display.

Solstice offers numerous ways for multiple users to share content to a Solstice display, fostering collaboration between in-person and hybrid meeting participants.