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Solstice + Logitech SmartDock

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The Logitech SmartDock provides a plug-and-play solution to extend Mersive Solstice’s in-room collaboration experience to remote participants with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. Users can start collaborating with Solstice the moment they walk into a meeting space and seamlessly invite remote participants to join via the conferencing service of choice on the Logitech SmartDock.

Key Capabilities

  • Start your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meeting with one-touch join

  • Wirelessly share content in-room from Windows, Mac, and iOS devices

  • Unify in-room wireless collaboration with remote video conferencing

  • Optional: Logitech Rally and Logitech MeetUp offer complete room video and audio support

System Requirements

  • Solstice Pod

  • Logitech SmartDock

  • Logitech Rally, MeetUp, or other compatible AV devices (optional)

  • Microsoft Surface Pro with Core i5 or Surface Pro (2017) with Core i5 or higher

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise w/ Microsoft Teams or Skype Room System Software configured

  • Display or projector with HDMI input

  • Internet access via Ethernet with DHCP enabled

  • 100-240 v AC Power

  • HDMI cable x3

  • Optional: Logitech SmartDock Flex

How to Set Up a Solstice + Logitech SmartDock Conferencing System

Logitech SmartDock-01.png

Follow the instructions below to set up the Logitech SmartDock, connect the Solstice Pod, and configure the conferencing system.

  1. Connect the Logitech SmartDock to Ethernet and power.

  2. Connect the SmartDock to the room display or projector.

  3. Connect a conference camera, such as Logitech Rally or MeetUp ConferenceCam, to the SmartDock via USB.

  4. Attach the Solstice Pod to power and the local Ethernet and/or wireless network (PoE+ supported).

  5. Connect the Solstice Pod’s HDMI output (outer HDMI 1 port) to the SmartDock’s HDMI input.

  6. Optional: Connect an HDMI cable from Solstice Pod’s HDMI in port and place the other end of the cable in a place that can be accessed by meeting participants for wired screen sharing.

  7. If required, use the SmartDock to configure the installed conferencing service to automatically share Solstice’s HDMI connection when the meeting begins.