The Mersive Solstice App

Meeting and collaboration session participants can connect to a Solstice display with the Mersive Solstice app, which can be installed on Windows and macOS laptops, as well as Android and iOS tablets and phones, to wirelessly share content to the Solstice display. With the addition of Solstice Conference drivers on Windows and macOS, users can also share the Solstice display and select Solstice-connected room devices for video and audio in a video conference.

The Mersive Solstice app may always be installed by downloading the appropriate app from A version that installs in the user's local directory can also be downloaded directly from the Solstice display if the Mersive site cannot be reached (for example, due to network conditions) or the user doesn't have required privileges to install.

Administrator privileges are always required to install the Mersive Solstice Conference drivers, which are needed to share the Solstice display and connected peripherals with a video conference.

Supported Operating Systems

The Mersive Solstice app is supported on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices running the follow operating systems. Operating systems marked with an asterisk (*) support Solstice video conference connection functions.

  • Windows 8, 10*, 11*
  • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022
  • macOS Catalina*, Big Sur*, Monterey*, Ventura
    • Due to a compatibility issue with virtual cameras, macOS Ventura is not supported for Solstice-connected video conferences.
    • Mersive recommends macOS Monterey for Mac M1 laptops since testing shows it to be more stable than macOS Big Sur, particularly for users who regularly host video conferences with Solstice.
  • iOS versions 15, 16
  • Android versions 12, 13

Other Requirements

The version of your Mersive Solstice app in relation to the version of Solstice running on the Solstice display you are connecting to can affect your experience. There are different compatibility requirements depending on how you intend to use Solstice:

  • The device with the Mersive Solstice app installed must be connected to the same network as the Solstice display to connect and share content.
  • For content sharing, control, and markup capabilities, newer versions of the Solstice app are supported when used with a Solstice Pod within three (3) minor software versions of the app. For example, a user with a 5.5.1 Solstice app will be able to share content to Solstice Pods running software versions 5.5, 5.4, or 5.3.4, as well as use markup tools and control sharing options.
  • To use Solstice to connect to a video conference, the version of the Mersive Solstice app and Solstice Conference drivers should be the same version as the software running on the Solstice Pod. Some versions of the Mersive Solstice app may require the versions to match exactly to connect Solstice resources to a video conference. Starting in version 5.5.1, users will be warned about mismatching versions but will still be able to share the Solstice display and access room cameras and mics connected to the Solstice Pod.

Use Browser Quick Connect to Download the Mersive Solstice App

Follow the steps below to download and install the Mersive Solstice app, with optional functionality to connect Solstice to video conferences.

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address that appears on the Solstice display. The Solstice Quick Connect page will open:

  2. Click Get the App.

    In Solstice 5.5.2 and above, this link directs users to download the version of the Mersive Solstice app from, which may require administrator privileges to install. If you are unable to download or install this version, click Download this app directly to download a version directly from the Solstice display that installs in the user's local directory.

  3. On a Windows laptop:
    1. The Solstice app installer (e.g., SolsticeClientWin-5.5.2.exe) will download.
    2. When the download is complete, open the file to install the Mersive Solstice app. Once installed, the Mersive Solstice app will open automatically.
    3. To add the ability to use Solstice resources in a video conference, navigate to the Room Camera + Mic panel and click Install drivers.

      Administrator privileges are always needed to install the Mersive Solstice Conference drivers.

    4. Walk through the InstallShield wizard to install Mersive Solstice Conference drivers.
  4. On a Mac laptop:

    1. The Solstice app installer (e.g., SolsticeClient-5.5.2.dmg) will download.
    2. When the download is complete, open the file to install the Mersive Solstice app. Once installed, the Mersive Solstice app will open automatically.
    3. To add the ability to use Solstice resources in a video conference, navigate to the Room Camera + Mic panel and click Install drivers.
    4. Walk through the steps to install Mersive Solstice Conference drivers.
  5. On Android and iOS mobile devices, the appropriate app marketplace will open and display the Mersive Solstice app available for download.

    Mobile devices cannot host Solstice-enhanced video conferences. Solstice wireless content sharing and Solstice Ink annotation are available on Android and iOS versions of the Mersive Solstice app.

Change Your Mersive Solstice App Settings

Change how your device interacts with Solstice by opening the Mersive Solstice app and going to Settings in navbar. Complete settings options in the Windows and macOS apps are described below; iOS and Android apps contain more limited settings. Changes to app settings are immediately saved.


  • Your Display Name: How your name will appear in the collaboration session.
  • Notifications: Set which notifications you would like to receive: None, Critical, or All notifications.
  • Notification settings also control notifications for Solstice Conference drivers. Selecting None will turn off performance and compatibility notifications related to using Solstice resources for a video conference.

  • Solstice Discovery Service Address: If your organization has implemented Solstice Discovery Service (SDS), the SDS IP address should be entered here. This is one of the ways that Solstice displays on your organization’s network appear in your list of available displays. For more information on the SDS address for your organization, contact your IT administrator.


  • Quick Share Desktop: If enabled, Solstice will automatically share your desktop to the Solstice display after connecting. Starting in Solstice 5.5.2, this setting controls automatic desktop sharing both when initially connecting to a Solstice display and when connecting to room devices for Solstice-enabled video conferencing.
  • Auto share audio: If enabled, audio will automatically be streamed to the Solstice display with Desktop and App Window shares.
  • Hide on desktop share: If enabled, the Solstice app window will be automatically hidden when you share your desktop.
  • Solstice Location Service: If enabled and location services are turned on for the Solstice display, the Solstice app will reorder the list of discovered Pods to show displays that are closest to you first, streamlining the connection process by allowing you to quickly connect to displays you are physically near.
    • Auto-disconnect sensitivity menu: Enabling the Solstice Location Service also allows Solstice to learn over time the location of meeting spaces. The app can then automatically prompt you to disconnect after leaving a meeting while still sharing and connected to a Pod. Use this menu to turn on auto-disconnect functionality and set the sensitivity that location services will use to automatically disconnect the device.

      Auto-disconnect sensitivity is dependent on the WiFi signal strength in the meeting space. Mersive recommends starting with a value of Low or Normal. If needed, ask your IT department for more information about WiFi strength in your Solstice-enabled meeting space and how it might affect auto-disconnect functionality.

  • Extended Presentation Mode: If enabled, PowerPoint slideshows shared in the Solstice app will show only the presentation slides on the Solstice display. Presenters should enable Presenter View in PowerPoint to view their speaker notes and access other presenter tools on their laptop. This feature is currently available on Windows.


  • Calendar integration: You can integrate your personal Microsoft 365 calendar with your Mersive Solstice app, allowing Solstice to detect and auto-launch scheduled video conferences on your calendar when you connect to a Solstice display. This is supported for Windows and macOS laptops only. See below to learn how to integrate your calendar.
  • Share Pod Display: If enabled, this setting allows you to share the Solstice display's collaboration space to your video conference. In your conferencing software, the Solstice display will appear as a virtual display (usually Screen 2 or Monitor 2) that can be shared with the meeting. Disabling this feature may improve performance on some devices. Starting with Solstice 5.5.1, this feature will now be disabled by default for new installations of the Mersive Solstice app (Windows and macOS).
  • Performance Optimization: This setting appears only on Windows laptops that the app detects to be lower-end for Solstice-enabled video conference performance. When enabled, the app will change the priority of the Mersive Solstice Conference process from Normal to High to improve performance when there is enough battery (at least 25% when unplugged, or 5% when plugged in). See more details.

The Conference HotKey setting and functionality have been deprecated in Solstice 5.5.2. New connection functionality in Solstice 5.5.1 reduced the usefulness of a HotKey shortcut that took the user to the Room Camera + Mic (formerly Conference) panel, now only available after connecting to the Solstice Pod.

Integrate Your Personal Microsoft 365 Calendar

When you integrate your Microsoft 365 calendar with your Mersive Solstice app, Solstice can quickly launch video conferences scheduled on your personal calendar after you connect to a Solstice display. Calendar integration and Solstice Conference drivers are available on Windows and macOS only. Solstice Conference drivers must be installed with the Mersive Solstice app to use this capability.

When integrating your calendar, you will be prompted to sign into your Microsoft 365 account using the secure Microsoft Graph API OAuth2 authorization flow. This grants the Mersive Solstice app read-only access to your calendar so it can recognize video conference information (URL, meeting ID, passcode, etc.) in the body of upcoming meetings and facilitate faster starts for scheduled video conferences.

  1. In the Mersive Solstice app, navigate to Settings > Conference.
  2. In the Calendar integration section, click Sign in with Microsoft. Your web browser will open, and you will be prompted to log in to your Microsoft 365 account.
  3. Complete your Microsoft 365 login process. If successful, the browser will display a "Success" message.
  4. Close the browser and return to your Mersive Solstice app.

    If you are unable to save your Microsoft 365 credentials and are prompted to re-enter them each time you launch the Solstice app, the Credential Manager service in Windows may have been disabled by your IT team.

  5. If you wish to disconnect your Microsoft 365 calendar at any time, go back to SettingsConference > Calendar integration and click Sign out.

If your Microsoft 365 calendar is authenticated with Azure AD, your IT administrator may need to grant admin consent for the Mersive Solstice app in the Azure Active Directory app registrations.

For more information on how to set up an integrated room calendar for a Solstice-enabled workspace, which enables the Solstice display to show and interact with meetings scheduled for the space, see Solstice Cloud: Calendar Template.

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