Mersive Solstice App

End users can connect to the display connected to a Solstice Pod using the Solstice user app. The Solstice user app can be installed on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices (such as laptops, tablets, and phones) to connect and share media to the Solstice display. User devices must be on the same network as the Solstice display to connect.

The Solstice user app may be installed in one of two ways:

  • Download the user app from the Solstice Download Center.
  • Download the app directly from the Solstice Pod by visiting the URL listed on the Solstice display.

Admin permissions are not required to install the Solstice app. However, elevated permissions are required to install the lightweight drivers needed to bridge a web conference to the Solstice display.

Supported Operating Systems

The Solstice app is supported on machines, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices running the follow operating systems. Operating systems marked with an asterisk (*) support Solstice Conference capabilities.

  • Windows 8, 10*
  • Windows Server 2016, 2019
  • macOS Catalina*, Big Sur*
  • iOS versions 13, 14
  • Android versions 10, 11

Download the App Directly from Solstice

  1. Open a browser on the user device and enter the IP address visible on the Solstice display. The Solstice Quick Connect page opens.
  2. Click the button that says Get the App.
  3. If you are on a laptop:

    1. The Solstice app installer (SolsticeClientWin.exe) will download. Click the downloaded file to install the Solstice app.
    2. Once installed, the app will open automatically.
    3. To install Solstice Conference, go to Conference tab and click Install.
    4. Walk through the InstallShield wizard to install Solstice Conference.
    5. Installing Solstice Conference requires elevated permissions. If you do not have elevated permissions, contact your IT administrator.

  4. If you are on an Android or iOS mobile device, the appropriate app marketplace will open and display the user app available for download. Once installed, the app will remain on the device for future use and will not need to be installed again. (Solstice Conference capabilities are not available on mobile versions of the Solstice app.)

Change Your Solstice App Settings

You can update your Mersive Solstice App settings by opening your Solstice app and going to the Settings tab. Once you change your app settings, your changes are automatically saved. You can find more information about the different setting options below:


  • Your display name: How your name will appear in the collaboration session.
  • Notifications: Set which notifications you would like to receive: None, Critical, or All notifications.
  • Note: Notification settings also control notifications for Solstice Conference. Selecting None will also turn off any performance or compatibility notifications for Solstice Conference.

  • Solstice Discovery Service Address: If your organization has implemented the Solstice Discovery Service (SDS), the SDS IP address is entered here. This is one of the ways that the displays on your organization’s network appear in the Discovered Displays tab. For more information on SDS and the corresponding IP address, contact your IT administrator.


  • Quick Share Desktop: If enabled, Solstice will automatically share your desktop to the Solstice display once you connect.
  • Auto share audio with desktop: If enabled, your desktop audio will automatically be streamed to the Solstice display when you share your desktop.
  • Hide on desktop share: If enabled, the Solstice Client user app will automatically hide when you share your desktop.
  • Solstice Location Service: If the Solstice display has location services enabled, the Solstice app will reorder the list of discovered Pods to show displays that are closest to you first, allowing you to quickly connect to the display that you are physically nearby, streamlining the connection process.


  • Calendar integration: You can now integrate your O365 calendar with your Solstice app, allowing Solstice to detect and auto-launch any scheduled web conferences on your calendar when you connect to a Solstice display. This is supported for Windows or macOS laptops only.
  • Conference HotKey: This setting allows you to configure the shortcut command to quickly open the Solstice Conference pop-up without having to click the icon in your system tray. By default, the hotkey setting is 'Ctrl + Alt + C'.
  • Share Pod Display: When enabled, this setting allows you to share the Pod display in your conference. In your conferencing software, the Pod will appear as a virtual display that can be shared with the meeting. Disabling this feature can improve performance on some host devices.

Integrate Your Microsoft O365 Calendar

By integrating your O365 calendar with your Solstice app, Solstice can launched web conferences scheduled on your calendar when you connect to a Solstice display, making it easier to meet with remote participants. This capability is supported for Windows or macOS laptops only.

When integrating your calendar, you will be prompted to sign into your Office365 account using the secure Microsoft Graph API OAuth2 authorization flow. Microsoft will present you with the option to grant Solstice read-only access to your calendar. This allows the Solstice App to retrieve your calendar entries for upcoming meetings and enable a one-step start for scheduled video conferences.

If you are unable to save your O365 credentials and are prompted to re-enter them each time you launch the Solstice app, the Credential Manager service in Windows may have been disabled by your IT team.

  1. In the Solstice app, click Settings.
  2. Under Calendar Integration, click Sign in with Microsoft. The Microsoft Online login page opens in a web browser.
  3. Enter your login credentials and sign in. If successful, the browser will display a "Success" message.
  4. Close the browser and return to your Solstice app.
  5. If you wish to disconnect your O365 calendar at any time, go to the Solstice app > Settings > Calendar Integration, then click Sign out.

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