Solstice Conference Supported Peripherals

Solstice Conference brings wireless video conferencing to any Solstice-enabled room. Using a ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ (BYOM) approach, any laptop-based video conferencing software is supported with a simple one-step start user experience. Solstice’s rich, multi-participant collaboration can now be shared to remote users with Solstice Conference.

With the introduction of Solstice Conference, USB peripherals can be connected directly to the Solstice Pod to create a new class of a video conferencing room system. When a laptop wirelessly connects to the Pod, these devices are presented to the host laptop as though they have been directly connected, supporting a simple, wireless conferencing experience.

Peripheral Types

Peripherals can include microphones, speakers, cameras, and composite devices that include one or more of these capabilities. The Pod supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices. Multiple peripherals can be plugged into the Pod, including the use of a third-party USB hub.

Connectivity and Setup

The Solstice Pod supports a plug-and-play experience. No drivers or new software needs to be installed on the Pod itself. Simply connect supported devices to the USB 2.0/3.0 ports on the back of the Pod to enable users to wirelessly bridge to those devices on demand.

Connected USB devices are only supported when using the USB 2.0/3.0 ports on the back of the Pod. The USB-C port on the front of the Pod does not support any connected devices. Attempting to utilize the Pod's USB-C port may result in unexpected outcomes.

Power Considerations

Peripherals that contain a rechargeable battery are not recommended. These devices will attempt to charge their batteries via the USB connection to the Pod, which the Pod is not designed for. If the connected peripherals require more than 1.5 amps total power over USB, it should first be connected to a powered USB hub that is then plugged into the Pod, or to a separate power supply, so it does not draw power from the Pod.

Certified Peripherals

Solstice Conference supports plug-and-play USB devices such as room cameras and microphones. These devices must be connected to the Pod via USB 2.0 or 3.0. The devices listed below have been tested and verified by Mersive to work with Solstice Conference and have full support of the device’s functionality unless noted otherwise. As a note, the following list is not a comprehensive list of all compatible peripherals, but contains those that have been tested and verified by Mersive.

Device Name Firmware Tested Notes

Avaya HC020



AVer Cam 340+


Use camera in Bulk mode.

AVer Cam 520



AVer Cam 520 Pro



AVer Cam 540



AVer VB342+ Soundbar



Avonic CM22



Avonic CM44



Biamp Devio SCR-20



Biamp TesiraForte AVB VT4


Coming soon!

Bose Videobar VB1



Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini



Clear One Unite50



Crestron UC-SB-1-CAM

Connect camera to dedicated power supply.

Huddly Go



Huddly IQ


Plugging the Pod into the Mersive provided power supply recommended, either in place of or in addition to PoE+.

Jabra Panacast


Audio for microphone is sped up when video is on. Requires USB power injector or powered hub.

Jabra Link 370



Jabra Speak 710



Jabra Speak 750



Jabra Speak 810



Konftel 20



Logitech Meetup



Logitech Rally



Logitech BCC950



Logitech PTZ Pro 2



Logitech ConferenceCam Connect


Requires powered USB hub or power supply.

Logitech Brio



Lumens VC-B10U


Set camera to ISO mode using dip switches.

Lyzco USB>3.5mm Audio Adapter



Meeting Owl



Meeting Owl Pro



Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000



Neets 4k Webcam



Neets Soundbar SB1


Requires converter.

Neets Soundbar SB2



Nureva HDL 200



Nureva HDL 300



Poly EagleEye Cube


Using the Polycom Companion app to manage the EagleEye Cube during a conference session may result in the video feed freezing. Mersive recommends managing the device with the companion app when it is not in use.

Poly Studio



Poly Studio X30


Supported using USB 2.0 USB-C to USB-A cable; plug USB-C into Poly device and USB-A into Solstice Pod.

Poly Studio X50


Supported using USB 2.0 USB-C to USB-A cable; plug USB-C into Poly device and USB-A into Solstice Pod.

QSC Core 110f


See tested configuration

QSC I/O-USB Bridge


See tested configuration

QSC PTZ 12x72


Set to resolution of 720p in Q-SYS Designer software.

QSC PTZ 20x60


Set to resolution of 720p in Q-SYS Designer software.

Sennheiser SP20 Audio Puck



Sennheiser SP30T Audio Puck



Shure ANIUSB-Matrix



Shure IntelliMix P300


Supports all Shure Audio Ecosystem networked microphones including MXA310, MXA710, and MXA910.

Stem Audio Hub



Stem Audio Table



Ugreen USB>3.5mm Audio Adapter



Vaddio Conference Shot 10



Vaddio Huddle Shot



Yamaha Adecia



Yamaha YVC-200



Yamaha YVC-330



Yamaha YVC-1000