Updating Your Organization's Google Workspace Resource Calendars to Integrate with Solstice

Integrating the calendar for a room that is set up as a resource in Google Workspace allows you to use the Pod's display to show the calendar information for the resource when there is no other content being shared. Looking at the Pod display, participants can see if the space is currently scheduled or available, as well as the next three upcoming meetings in the space.

If using Solstice Conference, integrating a room also lets Solstice detect the web conferencing information in the calendar invite when users book a web conference and invite the room. This allows Solstice to start the scheduled web conferencing when the meeting host connects to the Solstice display.

The following procedures assume:

  • Your organization has created resources that can be scheduled by users. The calendars for these resources will be displayed on the Pod when the integration is complete. You will want to have the Resource ID and Resource email of the room on hand when you perform steps 2 and 4. An example of a Resource ID for a conference room called Telluride is shown below. Google Workspace resources can be located and managed at Google Admin > Resource Management > Resources (e.g. https://admin.google.com/ac/calendarresources/resources ). ExampleClosed
  • Your organization has enabled the Google Calendar API in Google Cloud Platform. This API can be located and managed at Google Cloud Platform > Google Calendar (e.g. https://console.cloud.google.com/home/dashboard ).
  • If you want to show meeting organizers on the Pod display, those users need to have their profiles set to Active in Currents. User profile settings can be located and managed at Google Admin >Apps > Google Workspace > Currents > Profiles (e.g. https://admin.google.com/ac/gplus/users ).

How to Update Your Google Workspace Configurations to Integrate with Solstice

The general steps for configuring a resource in Google Workspace to allow its calendar to be displayed on the Pod are:

  1. Create a service account that the Pod can use to get information about the resource's calendar.
  2. Delegate Domain-Wide Authority to the service account.

  3. Grant the service account access to the resource's calendar.

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