Managing Your Solstice Pod Settings

Solstice Cloud allows you to manage your Solstice Pods remotely from anywhere. Solstice Cloud administrators can either apply settings to individual Pods, or use Solstice Cloud templates to easily apply configurations to multiple Pods across your deployment. Templates can be created for network settings, security settings, appearance settings, and more, and provide access to all of the configuration options available in the Solstice Dashboard. Solstice Cloud templates can be applied to Pods managed by Solstice version 4.5 or later.

While most settings can be batch configured in templates, there are still certain settings or values that are unique to each Pod and will need to be set for each Pod individually, such as static IP addresses or DNS hostnames. When creating templates, these settings will be labeled with "Unique to Pod" if they need to be configured individually.

To make the process of applying templates across your deployment more efficient, the Create Categories topic outlines how to create and use categories, as well as best practices to consider when creating categories. This will allow you to apply configuration templates to Pods by location, room type, or any other categories you choose to define.

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