Solstice Ink

Available in the mobile version of the Mersive Solstice app (iOS and Android), Solstice Ink allows users to highlight and temporarily mark up content on the Solstice display from anywhere in the room by simply pointing and drawing with their smartphones. This feature is also supported in moderator mode, but it is not supported on tablets.

Ink has three modes of use:

  • Pointer: By default when you select Ink from the mobile app's menu bar, your mobile device will be in pointer mode. Simply move your device to move the pointer on the Solstice display.
  • Ping: Tap the Ping button to pulse the pointer. Slide your finger from the button toward the center red dot for a continuous pulse. Tap Ping again to stop continuous pulse.
  • Temporary mark-up: Press and hold the Draw button to draw a mark, such as a circle, on the Solstice display. Release the Draw button once you are done. Solstice will smooth out your mark after you have finishing drawing it, and the mark will fade away after a short amount of time.

In Ink, swipe left and right to move between Draw and Ping mode. To exit Ink, simply tap another option in the bottom menu bar of the app.

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