Solstice Conference Setup

The following guide assumes that you have already done your Solstice Setup, have connected your Pods to your enterprise network via Ethernet, and have performed the Baseline Deployment Steps.

Pre-Deployment Considerations

  • As a new category of room system that does not burden a room design with single-purpose dedicated hardware, Solstice Conference is far more versatile and cost effective but does have some specific prerequisites to ensure a high-quality conferencing experience. Our Solstice Conference Checklist outlines those specifications and requirements of the various system components – host laptop, local area network, and audio/video peripherals – most of which are consistent with current best practice IT methodologies.

  • Ensure your network has a bandwidth of up to 80 mbps per host connection, has an end-to-end latency < 50 ms, and allows peer-to-peer TCP connections. As a note, bandwidth utilization is largely dictated by a combination of conferencing application and video camera used.
  • The necessary network ports need to be open. For example, ports 80 and 443 will need to be opened for Solstice to access the licensing server and software upgrades. You will also need to open up additional network ports for certain features to work. For more information, see Open Network Ports.

  • Ensure the following network ports are open: Default base ports +17 (e.g. If 53100-53102 are the configured base ports, open TCP ports 53100-53119). As a note, Solstice may pass UDP packets through these TCP ports. For more information on all of Solstice's open network port requirements, see Open Network Ports.
  • Deploy and configure Solstice Discovery Service (SDS).
  • Solstice Conference drivers are bundled in Solstice app installer and require elevated permissions to install. If end-users do not have elevated permissions, you have the option to centrally deploy the Solstice app using MSI or SCCM versions.
  • If you utilize a tool that limits program access, such as an anti-virus program or device management services, you will need to whitelist the Solstice App.

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