Solstice Conference Overview

Solstice Conference is a software-enabled capability that enhances video conferencing with rich, multi-participant content sharing to deliver a better collaboration experience between onsite and remote users. Solstice Conference paired with room audio/video devices delivers the convenience of a traditional room system with the flexibility to use any conferencing service installed on the meeting host’s laptop.

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Solstice Conference allows you to use Solstice with most laptop-based conferencing apps to add meeting support for remote attendees in Solstice-enabled rooms. Solstice Conference offers the flexibility to use the conferencing service of choice and provides wireless connectivity to room audio/video devices attached to the Solstice Pod via USB. Solstice Conference can be enabled for all Gen3 Pods on the latest version of Solstice. A current Solstice Subscription is needed to utilize the Solstice Conference capabilities.

Key Capabilities

  • Leverages web conferencing applications running on local users’ laptops.
  • Enables meeting hosts to wirelessly connect to plug-and-play USB devices attached to the Pod to share room audio/video in the web conference.
  • Uses integrated room and personal calendars to support a one-step start for scheduled web conferences.
  • Allows the meeting host to share the full in-room display to the web conference so remote users can see everything happening on the display, including multi-source content sharing, mark up, and more.

System Requirements

  • Gen3 Solstice Pod on the latest Solstice software version
  • Current Solstice Subscription
  • Meeting host laptop (Windows or macOS, recommended specs below)
  • Latest version of the Solstice app with the bundled Solstice Conference capability installed (required for meeting host)
  • 3rd-party web conferencing application for meeting host and remote users (not required for other on-site meeting participants)
  • Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) strongly recommended; required for one-step start of scheduled web conferences
  • USB room camera and/or audio devices (optional) - (verified supported device list)
  • Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Workspace calendar integrations (optional)

Host Laptop Minimum Specs

Solstice Conference capabilities are supported on laptop devices that meet or exceed the following requirements. Meeting host laptops should meet the minimum specs listed below. Other on-site meeting participants can wirelessly share content to the Solstice display using the Solstice app installed on their laptops or mobile devices. As a note, the meeting host capability for Solstice Conference is not supported on mobile devices.

Using the Solstice app only for wireless content sharing, control, and markup does not require the device to meet the minimum specs listed below. For more information, see Solstice User App.

Minimum Hardware Recommendations for Meeting Host Laptops


Operating System Windows 10 version 1903 or later

Minimum Specs

Intel i5 quad core processor(6th Gen or newer); 8GB memory; processor speed of 1.6 GHz/min or better.

Important Notes

  • Laptop machines with dual-core processors not currently supported.
  • Microsoft Surface laptop devices and similar tablet-like devices are not currently supported, including (but not limited to) Microsoft Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Pro.

Tip: To check your laptop specs, open Command Prompt, enter “dxdiag”, then run.


Operating System Catalina 10.15 or later

Minimum Specs

Intel i5 quad core processor; 8GB memory; processor speed of 1.2 GHz or better

Important Notes

  • Apple M1 devices are supported.
  • Laptop machines with dual-core processors not currently supported.
  • Macbook Air 2021 laptops can be used with Solstice Conference; however, older Macbook Air laptops are not currently supported.

If you are using a 4K laptop, Mersive recommends scaling your screen resolution down to 1080p when using Solstice Conference.

Supported Conferencing Services

Below are the supported conferencing services depending on the operating system of the meeting host laptop. For support listed as "browser-based version only," Solstice Conference's full functionality (i.e. the ability to share the Solstice display to remote users via the conferencing application) is only supported in the browser-based version of that conferencing application. As a note, please ensure your video conferencing software is updated to the latest version.

  Windows macOS 


Zoom Full Full


Teams Full Browser-based version only*

Microsoft will fix 3rd-party support

Webex Full Browser-based version only*

Windows: To share display, select Pod name

GoToMeeting/LogMeIn Full Full


Blue Jeans Full Partial

Windows: To share display, use browser app

Google Meet Full Full


Chime Full Partial

Windows: To share display, use browser app

RingCentral Full Full


Slack Full Browser-based version only*


*Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers supported