How to Use Solstice Conference

These instructions outline steps for meeting hosts to use the Mersive Solstice app to connect their video conference to Solstice content sharing and room peripherals, such as cameras and mics, plugged into the Solstice Pod.

Scheduled Conferences vs Unscheduled Conferences

Scheduled video conferences appear in advance on a Microsoft 365 calendar integrated in the Mersive Solstice app. The details for the conference – meeting ID, passcode, URL, etc. – must be included in the body of the scheduled event. Integrating a personal Microsoft 365 calendar, along with Solstice Pod configuration, enables faster starts for Solstice-connected video conferences.

The Mersive Solstice app can also connect Solstice content sharing and Pod-connected room peripherals to a video conference not previously scheduled on an integrated calendar. In this scenario, the video conference needs to be started separately using the host's preferred conferencing service.

See Start a Video Conference for more details.

Using Solstice Conference with Dual Displays

If the Solstice Pod is connected to dual display monitors, the screen connected to HDMI 1 of the Pod will be available to be shared to the video conference. The screen connected to HDMI 2 will be visible to participants in the room but will not be shared as part of the conference. In the Mersive Solstice app layout screen, the display shared with the conference is the screen on the left.

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