Occupancy Counting

When a USB camera is attached to the back of a Pod, Solstice gives you the option to use the camera as an occupancy counter sensor - one that’s capable of detecting the number of occupants. When enabled, Solstice will be able to detect the number of occupants in the room and collect that data. This occupancy data will be available soon in your Solstice Cloud analytics and can be visualized alongside other utilization data.

This feature can be utilized when any USB camera is plugged into the Pod. If the Pod is also enabled for Solstice Conference, occupancy data will not be collected while a video conference is taking place. As a note, the camera quality, camera resolution, and room layout may factor into the accuracy of room occupancy reporting.

This is an early look at a Mersive Labs feature. In upcoming releases, you’ll be able to enable features that respond to the room’s detected occupancy, such as automatically reserving the room if it is occupied but unbooked, waking the Pod from a power management sleep state, and more.

No video or audio data from an attached camera ever leaves the Solstice Pod. All processing occurs locally, and only an aggregated occupancy count is sent to Solstice Cloud management.