How to Allow the Solstice App and Desktop Audio Streaming on a Mac

Due to macOS security settings, users installing the Solstice app on a Mac laptop may be prompted with extra steps to allow an audio driver that enables audio sharing after they first turn on Desktop Audio sharing.

  1. Open your Solstice app and connect to a display.
  2. On the Share panel, click Desktop. The Solstice app minimizes. Click Sharing Desktop at the top of your screen to un-minimize the app.
  3. Toggle Desktop Audio to Yes.
  4. In the prompt that appears, click Yes.

  5. If prompted, enter in your admin password, then click OK. A System Extension Blocked pop-up appears.
  6. Click Open Security Preferences. The Security & Privacy settings appear.
  7. Next to 'System software from developer "Mersive Technologies" was blocked from loading', click Allow.

  8. Open System PreferencesSound.
  9. From the Play sound effects through drop-down, select Desktop Streaming Audio Device.
  10. Select the Show volume in menu bar option.

  11. Go back to the Solstice app, stop sharing, and click Disconnect.
  12. Reconnect to the Solstice display, then share your desktop. Your desktop audio is automatically streamed to the in-room display.

    If your desktop audio isn't streaming to the display, make sure the Desktop Audio option in your Solstice app is toggled to ON, and that Desktop Streaming Audio Device is selected from your Mac's Volume control.