Solstice Location Services

Solstice Location Services (SLS) uses environmental scans (such as scanning for nearby Wi-FI networks and Bluetooth services) to create an "electronic signature" of the room where the Pod is located. In addition, SLS evaluates location information obtained from devices that connect to the Pod. Using the electronic signature, which specifically identifies the room, and GPS information obtained from connecting devices, SLS can over time refine the location estimate of the Pod. Solstice app users can then leverage SLS information to quickly connect to the Pod that they are physically closest to, streamlining the connection process.

When Solstice Location Service is enabled in the Solstice user app, it can over time learn the location of Pods. This enables auto-disconnect functionality that allows the Solstice user app to detect and prompt users to disconnect if they have left the area of a meeting while still connected and sharing content to a Pod. Turn on auto-disconnect and adjust the sensitivity used to determine when to disconnect a user device in the Solstice user app for Windows.

SLS also allows Solstice Cloud users to visualize Pod locations on an interactive map (Manage>Location) and helps to facilitate the automatic categorization of Pods by country, city, and building. Solstice Cloud users are able to use these location-based categories to quickly sort and filter Pods, allowing them to manage Pod settings, analyze meeting space trends, or setup email alerts based on location.

Solstice’s location services will not collect any personally identifiable information. Use of this feature is subject to the terms and conditions.