Solstice Overview

Solstice is Mersive’s award-winning collaboration software, installed on a dedicated hardware platform to deliver a turnkey wireless content sharing solution. The Solstice Pod is directly connected to any room display via HDMI, then attached to the networks that participants will use to connect and share to the display. Then, users on the network can follow the on-screen instructions to get the Solstice app and connect to the display to begin collaborating.

Solstice Product Suite

  • Solstice Pod: Console running an integrated version of the Solstice collaboration software that connects to the display by HDMI video cable.
  • Solstice Display Software for Windows: Solstice Display Software application installed on the Windows 7, 8, or 10 host PC connected to the display by HDMI video cable. Note: Solstice Display Software for Windows is not supported in a virtual machine (VM) environment or while using terminal services.
  • Learn more about how to deploy Solstice.

  • Solstice App: Software application installed on user laptops and mobile devices that is used to connect to and share content to the Solstice display. Learn More
  • Solstice Dashboard: A centralized management tool that can be used to monitor, configure, and update Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows Software instances on a network. Learn More
  • Solstice Discovery Service (SDS): An IT-friendly, non-broadcast mechanism that allows users to discover and click-to-connect to Solstice displays from their own devices to start sharing content. Learn More
  • Solstice Cloud: Our cloud-based portal that allows administrators to easily manage, configure, monitor, and update Solstice deployments. Solstice Cloud also provides metrics and intuitive analytics on an organization's meetings and monitors the health of its deployment. Learn More

Key Terms

  • Solstice display: Any flat panel or projector display connected via an HDMI video cable to a Solstice Pod or Solstice Display Software host PC.
  • Solstice host: Used to reference a Solstice Pod or Solstice Display Software for Windows.
  • User device: Any type of user device that is supported by the Solstice App that users can use to share and control content on the Solstice display. Supported user devices include Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Posts: The individual pieces of multimedia, application windows, or desktop shares published to the Solstice display.

Before You Deploy

Before you deploy Solstice, here are 5 key considerations for any Solstice deployment that you should keep in mind:

  • How will the Pods be attached to your network(s)?
  • How should the Pods be configured from a security standpoint?
  • How will users discover and connect to the Pods?
  • How should the Pods be configured, functionally and visually?
  • How will the deployment be managed?

If you are preparing for a large deployment, we encourage you to schedule your deployment with our Mersive Customer Onboarding team so that we can stage resources to support the on-site deployment team.

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