Step 9: Validate Your Solstice Dashboard Deployment

After configuring your Solstice deployment using Solstice Dashboard, you can validate the functionality of your deployment with the following steps.

Step 1: Connect devices to network. Connect a user device such as a Windows or Mac laptop or an Apple or Android mobile device to a network also connected to the Solstice display.
Step 2: Download the Solstice app. Open a web browser and enter the IP address shown on the welcome screen of the Solstice display. Follow the link to get the Solstice app.
Step 3: Verify available devices are showing. Launch the Solstice app. A list of discovered Solstice displays available for connection should appear. If no displays appear, you may still need to configure SDS.
Step 4: Connect to the Solstice Pod display. Click or tap the name of the desired Solstice display to connect the user's device to that display.
Step 5: Test sharing options. While connected to the Solstice display, test the following sharing options with your Solstice app. If playing a video, you should see about 22-30 fps from a 1080p resolution device, depending on its specs. Audio should be synchronized.
  • Share desktop, or mirror mobile device screen (AirPlay or Android screen mirroring)
  • Share application window (such as PowerPoint or a PDF)
  • Share media files (video files and images)

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