Step 7: Set Content Sharing Options

Meeting participants connected to a Solstice display with a laptop computer can share three basic kinds of content through the Solstice app: their whole desktop, a specific application window, or media files such as still images and videos. Screen mirroring for mobile devices is available via AirPlay and Android mirroring support through the Solstice mobile app. Miracast and AirPlay support also provide the ability mirror the screens of Windows or macOS/iOS devices without the Solstice app. For more information on how to configure Solstice to support sharing with AirPlay and Miracast, see Enable Sharing with AirPlay and Enable Sharing with Miracast.

Solstice Conference can also be enabled, allowing meeting hosts to share the shared Solstice display workspace as well as room audio and video resources with meeting participants connected via a web conference application (Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, etc.) on the meeting host's laptop.

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