Step 8: Apply Configuration Templates and Unique-to-Pod Settings

In the step, you will apply the configuration templates you created across your deployment. Repeat the process of assigning a template to a Pod for all of the configuration templates you created, and applying them to all of the Pods across your deployment.

To make the process of applying templates across your deployment more efficient, you can use categories to apply configuration templates to Pods by location, campus, or any other categories you choose to define. See Create Categories to learn more about how to create and use categories, as well as best practices.

You will also find below information on how to apply settings that are unique to a Solstice Pod, such as room calendar authentication details, after assigning a Pod to a pre-configured template. For how to change the settings of an individual Pod not assigned to a template, see Managing Your Solstice Pod Settings.

How to Apply Configuration Templates to Solstice Pods

  1. In the left sidebar menu of Solstice Cloud, click ManagePods.

    The Pod Template Assignments table displays. This table is used to apply templates across your deployment. You can apply a template to multiple Pods at once.

  2. You can use the filters from the categories you have created to sort Pods in your deployment and make applying templates across your deployment easier. Filters allow you to apply templates by criteria such as location or campus, depending on the categories you have created and assigned to Pods.

  3. Select the checkboxes of the Pods you want to apply the template to. You can select each Pod's checkbox individually, or select the checkbox in the header row of the table to select all Pods you have access to in the table.

  4. For each template you want to apply, go to the corresponding template type column (e.g., Welcome Screen). You can view a different group of template columns by selecting the group name in the upper right-hand corner of the table.

  1. Click the corresponding drop-down for one of the checked Pods in the table, then select the name of the created template. This will apply the template to all of the checked Pods.

  1. A pop-up will ask you to confirm the changes. Click Confirm. A green notification that the template was applied then displays.
  2. As changes are being applied, a loading icon will appear next to the Pod, and the pending changes icon will appear next to the template(s) being applied. Once the changes are applied, the Pod's normal status will resume.
  3. If a Pod is offline, any changes made will be applied when the Pod is back online.

  4. If a template you applied has any unique settings that need to be applied each Pod individually, a sliding pop-up will appear prompting you to enter the needed information. Once you are done with all of the settings screens, click Save & Close.

How to Apply Settings Unique to Pods

  1. In the left sidebar navigation panel of Solstice Cloud, click Manage > Pods.
  2. In the Pod Template Assignments table, click the name of the Pod you want to configure individually.
  3. In the Template Configuration section click the down arrow icon to expand the options available for a particular settings category, such as Calendar.
  4. If the selected Pod has previously been assigned to a template, you may need to click Edit to be able to interact with the configuration options.
  5. After entering settings that are unique to an individual Pod, such as Username, Password, and Room Email in the Calendar settings, click the Save button that appear near the edited settings, not Save as Unassigned or Save as New Template at the top of the settings section.
  6. A message will appear confirming the Pod configuration has been updated. Until the configuration has been successfully applied to the Pod, an option is available to Cancel Pending Changes.

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