Schedule Software Updates Using Solstice Cloud

For Mersive customers with large deployments, Solstice Cloud makes Solstice Pod software updates faster, easier, and less disruptive by allowing admins to schedule over-the-air updates during off hours. Solstice Cloud streamlines the update process by allowing targeted updates based on categories, auto-retry after network interruptions, and email reports confirming completion. Along with the ability to schedule updates, administrators can choose to start a software update immediately as well.

One of the advantages of Solstice Cloud is the ability to assign Pods to categories. Assigning your Pods to categories allows administrators to easily identify and select which Pods they may want to batch update. For example, an administrator can schedule Pods at their London office to update at a different date and time than their New York office. Please note that scheduled updates will begin according to each Pod's local time.

For software updates to work, Pods must have active Solstice Subscription. You also may need to make a firewall exception for so Pods can access Mersive's upgrade server to retrieve the upgrade file.

For updates that are scheduled in advance, you can opt-in to be notified via email when the update is completed. Scheduled updates can be edited or deleted up until the point that the upgrade process begins. Once an update is in progress, it cannot be paused or canceled. If an error occurs with a Pod update, Solstice Cloud will flag the update task with a warning. If internet connectivity is interrupted during the update process, Solstice Cloud will retry and resume the update where it left off.

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