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Version and Update Control API

Solstice Host URLs:

  • IPAddress/api/version/currentversion // returns JSON containing the field ‘currentVersion’ as a string.
  • IPAddress/api/version/updateavailable // returns JSON containing the bool field ‘isUpdateAvailable’. If this value is true, the string field ‘updateAvailableTo’ will be returned as well.
  • IPAddress/api/version/update // updates Pod to version returned as ‘updateAvailableTo’ value.

Passing RS-232 Controls API

Solstice Host URL: IPAddress/api/serial-passthru

The RS-232 support API allows administrators to pass RS-232 controls such as power, volume, and input through to display monitors that support RS-232. Pods will have to connect to screens using a USB to serial adapter and a null modem cable. However, not all USB/RS-232 adapters may be supported. This functionality will only work with screens that support RS-232 controls.

Administrators will need to know the specific RS-232 code for the control they are trying to pass. For details on those controls, please consult the user manual for the display.

An example of the API request:


In the example above, XX is a placeholder for the characters to send. Instead of a blank space, use “+” or “%20”. For any other non-alphanumeric character, use “%XX” where XX is the two digit hexadecimal encoding for the character.

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