Solstice Windows Display Software

The Solstice Windows Display is a software-only version of Mersive's wireless meeting collaboration and content sharing solution for conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle spaces. This version of Solstice installs on a standard Windows 8 or 10 computer to improve meeting room productivity using existing hardware infrastructure.

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Key Features

  • Any number of simultaneous users, sharing unlimited content
  • Customizable display layouts
  • Apple iOS mirroring support
  • Support for multi-touch displays
  • Support for any displays of any resolution
  • Configurable sharing options, access control, and use modes
  • Flexible network deployment options
  • Calendar integration

Licensing and Downloads

Solstice Windows Display Software, which runs on a Windows host computer, is a licensed Mersive product. For more information on purchasing a Solstice Windows Display Software license, contact us or reach out to one of our certified resellers.

Upon purchase of a Solstice Windows Display Software license, you will receive a welcome email with login credentials to the Mersive download portal at Flexera. Find the link to the portal any time at Once logged in to the portal, click the appropriate link to start the download. After the download is complete, follow the prompts to install and launch the software.

You will receive email notifications when subsequent software updates and new versions are available for your license. The process for installing updates is similar: use your login credentials to access the Mersive download portal at Flexera to download the update, then follow the prompts to install the update.


Getting Started with the Solstice Windows Display

Configuring the Solstice Windows Display

Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition is a management tool that provides the ability for an administrator to configure all Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows Display Software licenses on a network from one or multiple Windows computers on the same network. Dashboard provides configuration and management functionality not available from the Solstice local configuration panel, such as the ability to post bulletin and/or emergency broadcast messages, encrypt Solstice network traffic, configure discovery tags, and more.

Non-enterprise Solstice Pods and Windows Software licenses can also be upgraded to Enterprise Edition.

Use the following directions to access and configure Solstice Windows Display configuration options from Solstice Dashboard and/or the local configuration panel of the Solstice Windows Display Software:

Windows Host Technical Requirements

Solstice Windows Display Software is a version of the Solstice server that runs on a Windows 8 or 10 host computer and is connected to the display by HDMI video cable. Refer to the table below for minimum required and recommended technical specs for the computer running the Solstice Display Software.

Windows Host Computer Requirements for Solstice Windows Display Software
  Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 or higher Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 or higher, 4+ core recommended
RAM 8 GB 16 GB or higher
Max Display Resolution 1080p 1080p or 4K
Operating System

Windows 8 or 10

Solstice Display Software for Windows is not supported in a virtual machine (VM) environment or while using terminal services.

Graphics DirectX 11 or higher, or Dedicated Graphics (i.e. AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce)
Network Single NIC Card, Ethernet connection
If adding an external video and audio source input

These DirectShow compatible frame grabber cards are supported.

If audio support needed:

  • Avermedia DarkCrystal HD Capture SDK II (C729) - (1 HDMI, 1 analog input)
  • VPrime XI200DE-HDMI - (2 HDMI inputs)

If protected content support needed (no audio support):

  • Datapath VisionRGB-E1S - (1 DVI-I input)
  • Datapath VisionRGB-E2S - (2 DVI-I inputs)


How To Check for DirectX 11

Use the following steps to verify that your Windows host computer has DirectX 11 or better graphics.

DirectX 11 is not required for Solstice users running the Solstice user app on their laptops or mobile devices. See Using Solstice for more information about Solstice user apps.

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