Digital Signage Settings

Solstice’s digital signage feature gives you the ability to extend HTML-based signage to Solstice displays when they are not being used for wireless collaboration. This feature allows you to add signage feeds to your Solstice-enabled meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and transitional spaces without the additional cost or complexity of deploying dedicated signage hardware.

The following signage content sources are supported:

  • Appspace feeds
  • Carousel Digital Signage feeds
  • Google Slides + Sites
  • Screenfeed
  • Static images such as custom web-based welcome screens

Certain individual feeds, even from these sources, may not work with Solstice. If the URL you are attempting to run is resource intensive, stability and performance can be negatively affected.

If you are developing your own HTML-based digital signage feed using responsive design, we recommend including the following, where you should replace the 'width=1920' with the intended width of your displays.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=1920, initial-scale=1">

Specs and Requirements

  • Solstice Pods with Enterprise Edition Licenses
  • Requires Solstice version 3.4 or later (both Pods and Dashboard)
  • URL support for IFrames. The signage source URL must be viewable within an IFrame when Footer Only or Footer + Overlay signage modes are enabled. This means that the content must be embedded in an iframe within the website used for the source URL. IFrame support is not required when signage is enabled in Full Screen mode.
  • HTML content is played back via an Android webview on the Solstice Pod. Therefore, the source URL content must be compatible with Android webview.
    • A Chrome browser and Android Webview are similar in many ways, but Android Webview will lack some advanced browser features and behaves best with less resource-intensive feeds.
    • Test your URL in Solstice, and verify that it is playing well on a single display before rolling out to other Solstice Pods and/or leaving signage enabled on the single Pod.

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