Get Started with Solstice Active Learning

Solstice Active Learning is a software-enabled active routing solution for multi-team learning environments that allows educators to control, share, and engage with students. The application provides a simple active learning space design tool, drag-and-drop video sharing between screens, and an instant messaging system that can broadcast information to each display on demand.

Solstice Active Learning can be enabled on Solstice Gen3 Pods with software version 4.5 or later and a current Active Learning subscription. Additionally, each designer and facilitator must have a Solstice Cloud account in order to virtually design rooms and route video in real-time using the free Active Learning app.

Steps to Get Started with Solstice Active Learning

  • Physical setup of the Active Learning room. Learn More
  • Log in to your Solstice Cloud (formerly known as Kepler) account and invite Active Learning Designers and Facilitators to create their accounts.
  • If your organization does not already have a Solstice Cloud account, see Get Started with Solstice Cloud for more information on how to set up your account.

  • Designers and Facilitators accept the email invitation to create their accounts
  • Designers and Facilitators download the Solstice Active Learning app
  • Designer virtually designs and sets up the active learning room within the Solstice Active Learning app
  • Facilitators use Solstice Active Learning app to conduct active learning sessions, route video and content, or broadcast messages within the active learning room
  • The Solstice Active Learning app is supported on the following devices with a 1024x768 resolution or a 10" screen or greater:
    • Windows 10 laptops
    • Mac laptops with Catalina OS
    • iOS tablets with latest OS
    • Android tablets with latest OS 

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